Wednesday, December 28, 2011

simple roast chicken stuffing

Normally when I'm roasting a chicken I'll just go with a simple lemon, cut in half, and stuffed in the cavity. Sometimes, if I'm so inclined, I'll also add a few sprigs of thyme. But last night we were having a salad with our roast chicken, and I had some baby roma tomatoes that were on the verge of semi-drying themselves, plus some breadrolls that were too stale to use. So I made this stuffing.

Hello yumminess.

I roughly tore the breadroll into small chunks then put it in the bowl. To this I added half a finely diced red onion, a few quatered baby tomatoes and a few slices of shredded parma ham. I topped it with some fresh thyme leaves, salt, pepper and the juice of half a lemon. I smooshed it all together with my hands then stuffed the chicken with it.

Oh my.

This made a simple salad rather spesh. I had some roasted baby potatoes leftover from the night before, so while I rested the chicken, I threw them in the cooking juices and popped them back into the oven. Guess how delicious they were...


  1. After just completing my first EVER stuffing for the turkey on Christmas day I am a total convert! I will be giving this a go for sure!

  2. Stuffing's the best - so satisfying to make and eat!